The Benefits Of Buying A Second hand Wheelchair Vehicle

The Benefits Of Buying A Second hand Wheelchair Vehicle

Wheelchair accessible vehicles with ramps are converted when they are new. The conversion involves cutting out the floor to lower it and this is best done on new metal

Wheelchair Car Conversion Costs

The biggest cost of converting a vehicle is in the floor and the more it is cut out, the higher the cost. That is why good quality conversions with long, flat floor cut outs are more expensive.

Many people who buy new wheelchair accessible vehicles don't do high mileages – they tend to make lots of short journeys
This makes used wheelchair accessible vehicles a really good buy. They are often much cheaper than brand new ones but well maintained with low mileages.

High Quality Conversions

Thorntrees Garage only stocks the better conversions which give a high ride quality to the wheelchair user – a lowered floor and good visibility through the windows. We stock a wide range of conversions and vehicles to help you source a second hand wheelchair vehicle that best suits the wheelchair user and the driver.

Click here to take a look at some of the second hand cars that we have in stock.


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