3 Benefits of Ride-Upfront WAVs


A wheelchair user can travel comfortably in their wheelchair in the front of the car thanks to a particular conversion called an upfront passenger wheelchair accessible vehicle, also referred to as a "Ride Upfront WAV"). 

The ride-upfront WAV option has numerous amazing advantages that can significantly enhance a wheelchair user's travels and general satisfaction with the vehicle. However, not everyone will find it a good alternative, so it's necessary to consider your preferences. Here, we'll review all the advantages an upfront passenger WAV can provide so you can decide if it is the best option for you.

More Sociable Way To Travel

The wheelchair user can sit next to the driver, which makes it much simpler to have a normal conversation without having to shout or strain somebody's neck, which is one big advantage of ride-upfront WAVs. The passenger will also have access to the dashboard controls, including the heater, air conditioner, and music system, so they can make adjustments to make the trip more enjoyable and comfortable. 

More Comfort

A wheelchair user can stay in their chair for the whole trip. If the disabled passenger finds some motions challenging or impossible, this can make trips simpler. Similarly, being in the front seat can make the trip more comfortable than being in the back, as speed bumps will feel smoother over the front wheels than the back ones. A ride-upfront WAV is also ideal for those who experience chronic back pain, which can worsen by unexpected movements. 

Increase 'Normality'

Riding in the front might provide wheelchair users with a sense of "normality," which is a fundamental advantage that can be important to some. For example, riding in the front can help people feel like they are driving their car and less like they are in a cab. It also more effectively represents the travel experience of non-disabled travellers, which is significant to some people.

Ride-Upfront WAVs

If you are interested in purchasing a ride-upfront WAV, contact us today, or come and visit our showroom! We are based between Manchester and Preston in the northwest of England. On the A49 Wigan Road, Thorntrees Garage is conveniently located off the M6 at junction 28. Bolton, Blackburn, Burnley, Warrington, Wigan, and Lancaster are all easily accessible.

Our friendly team would love to discuss our options to decide what WAV is best for you! 

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