5 Points To Consider When Buying A WAV


Knowing where to begin when investing in a wheelchair-accessible vehicle (WAV) might take a lot of work. Before spending any money, there are several things to consider. When purchasing a WAV, your decision must be influenced by size, accessibility, comfort and price. Here we will go through the six things to consider when buying a WAV so you know what to look for to make your WAV journey easy!

Dimensions and Size 

The ability of a WAV to safely and comfortably transport a wheelchair passenger is a basic necessity. Take a seated person's width, length, and height to get the necessary measurements, and make sure there is enough space in the car for every passenger. There are several different vehicles with lowered floors to assist when extra headroom is required.


If the 'A' doesn't stand for accessibility, it can be difficult to justify buying a WAV. Users must be able to get in and out of the vehicle quickly, safely, and comfortably. Most WAVs have a ramp leading up from the back doors. Given its small weight, lifting these ramps shouldn't be difficult. Although they are not popular, certain vehicles have side access ramps. When the WAV is parked next to other vehicles, this can cause problems that can be avoided by using the rear access. Instead of a ramp, larger WAV models can come with a lift. Lifts are made to make the loading procedure easier.

Seating Arrangement 

Another crucial factor is the wheelchair user's priority position inside the vehicle. If only two people will be using the WAV, it is ideal if the front passenger seat can be removed to make room for a docking system. A middle seating arrangement in the back may be more practical when there are additional passengers.


Every passenger's safety is the most important aspect in all road-going vehicles. The majority of WAVs have straps that lock the chair into place at the front and the back. These can be adjusted similarly to conventional seat belts and are practically identical to them. Check that these restraints are manageable and secure and don't make you give up comfort during a test drive.

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The best way to solve any worries or questions is to speak with a professional WAV dealer who can recommend the perfect car for your requirements. 

Make an effort to consider all of your alternatives. Making the right choice the first time can provide you with a reliable car for many years. You are invited to test drive any vehicle at Thorntree's Garage to ensure it meets your needs. In addition, we offer to visit our showroom to see all our cars available. So contact us today to find the best WAV for you. 

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