Brotherwood VW Sharan – Luxury Wheelchair Car


This VW Sharan Converted By Brotherwood Is A Luxury Wheelchair Car

If you want a high quality wheelchair conversion with a well finished interior and a good ride position for the wheelchair user, then the Brotherwood conversion of the Volkswagen Sharan is an excellent option.


The wheelchair passenger travels in an almost flat position between the two rear seats. This includes them in the family and means that they are not travelling on a slope as they are in some vehicles/ conversions.

For those who like Volkswagens, the Sharan is a good car to drive. It comes in diesel and petrol, automatic and manual.

Brotherwood’s conversions are expensive to do when the vehicle is new. This means that second hand ones are more expensive than other conversions but hold their value well.


This diesel automatic is on sale at Thorntrees Garage: VW Sharan

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