Can You Have Two Motability Cars?


Can You Have Two Motability Cars?

If 2 people in your household have higher rate DLA or PIP for getting about then you can have 2 Motability cars, one each. In fact Motability does not allow people to pool their benefits and share a Motability vehicle. A Motability car can only belong to one person . Motability takes the whole of the mobility benefit of that person during the lease, including any increases.

Because of this an individual can only have one Motability car because it takes all their benefit.

The only difference in price between Motability vehicles is the initial payment – called the advance payment.

An expensive car would have a high advance payment of say £5000.00 or more.

A cheaper car would have a low advance payment of maybe a few hundred pounds or even in some cases NIL.

Because wheelchair accessible cars are often expensive when brand new, Motability operate the nearly new scheme . Under this scheme, WAVS that have come back early can go out again with much lower advance payments. Since all running costs and insurance are included, exactly the same as the main scheme, these wheelchair cars are more affordable.

They can also be processed very quickly at Thorntrees Garage as they are already on site. You can usually have them in 5 working days.

Follow the link for our selection of Nearly New Motability WAVS

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