Can Your Car Be Wheelchair Accessible?


Wheelchair Car Conversion

If you or a loved one has recently been in the position of needing a wheelchair, you will know there is a lot of adaptations you need to consider that were never thought of before. From ramps and door widening around the home to changes in shopping habits and travel considerations.

We understand the little things can make a big difference day to day and the freedom to travel and the ease in which you can access a vehicle can make a big difference.

Your car can be a lifeline to your freedom. When travelling to the shops or going to a doctor, it will make the mobility part much simpler. Many people new to wheelchairs will have to rely on taxis, or family members / friends to help with travel. The act of getting in and out of a car requires more logistics. Then the folding up and storage of the wheelchair whilst in transit are additional issues that need to be thought about.

These considerations led to the creation of WAV vehicles (wheelchair accessible vehicles) which are designed to make it easier to travel for people in a wheelchair. Things like straps and harnesses to keep a wheelchair secure, ramps from the back to get in and out of the car easier, swivel chairs, again for ease of access and many other features.

Can your car be a WAV?

WAVS are 'normal' cars that are converted by companies such as Brotherwood (Brotherwood conversions are very good quality) to be more accessible. A question you may have is 'is it possible to convert my current car?'

This is a good question. Unfortunately, not every car is wheelchair accessible. This is mainly because of the height factor.

If your car isn’t already tall enough to fit a wheelchair in, then it might not be WAV convertible.

The conversion process involves cutting out the floor to allow more height for the wheelchair to fit in. If the depth height of the car is too short, then the wheelchair passenger could have their head against the ceiling.

Family cars and larger hatchbacks are easier to convert than something such as a sports car.

By lowering the floor, this ensures the wheelchair passenger travels on a flattened surface. A levelled ground gives a much smoother ride for the user, offers better headroom, and in turn gives better vision/comfort.

Dedicated wheelchair accessible vehicles

There is a market for dedicated wheelchair accessible vehicles and the starting price can be quite high! This is where we can help. We have a dedicated website (right here!) that offers high quality, low mileage, used wheelchair accessible vehicles. This is a great way to make the change in a more affordable way, rather than go any but a brand new WAV from a dealership.

If your car isn’t supported or cannot be converted into a WAV, feel free to take a look at our wide stock range of high-quality wheelchair accessible vehicles here:

Wheelchair Vehicle Stock

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