Different Types Of WAVs


Second-hand WAVs usually offer rear access by a ramp or an electric lift. The wheelchair passenger usually sits up-front next to the driver, behind the driver or next to the passengers in the second row. Depending on the wheelchair passenger's preferences, there are various WAVs to choose from!

There are four types of wheelchair-accessible cars, rear passenger, drive-from wheelchair, transfer seat and ride-up-front. In this blog, we will go through the differences between each WAV, and hopefully, you can decide which one is best for you!

Rear Passenger

A rear passenger WAV allows the wheelchair user to access the vehicle from the rear. They can remain seated at the back of the vehicle, making getting in and out of the car easier. Rear passenger WAVs are usually the most cost-effective option as they meet many people's budgets and are cheaper.

Drive From Wheelchair

Some WAVs now allow wheelchair users to drive from their wheelchairs, as many include different adaptations. This WAV is more expensive due to the adaptations made; the work is added and included in the overall cost. However, this WAV allows wheelchair users freedom and gives them a sense of 'normality' to return to the road. 

Transfer Seat

Some WAVs can be fitted with seats that can move, making it easy to transfer from the wheelchair into the seat and then the wheelchair can be stored in the back of the car. This works by rotating the seat out of the car to gain easy access. Then, the seat automatically moves back to its original position smoothly and without effort. 


Everyone likes to sit in the front seat of a car; however, for wheelchair users, this is usually a limited ability. This is why ride-up-front WAVs are a great option for wheelchair users, as they allow them to have easier conversations and see the journey at the front of the car. With this type of WAV, the wheelchair user would still enter from the back of the car but sit in the front passenger position rather than the back.

Although many people would prefer this, it does have one downside. Due to the wheelchair using the car's rear to access the front, the WAV loses a seat in the back of the vehicle. Therefore, if you need extra seats, you should consider this. 

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