How do I know which WAV is suitable for me?


What Is The Best WAV For Me?

It is a good thing that many choices are available in wheelchair-accessible vehicles today, but finding your way to the best WAV for you can be quite confusing.

It doesn't help that the same car can be adapted differently, so one convertor's Volkswagen Caddy might be perfect, but another wouldn't suit you at all.

The first thing to consider is if you need automatic or manual because if you need automatic, that will restrict your options.

The second thing is to decide if you wish to travel at the front, in the middle or the rear of the vehicle behind the rear seats. 

Up front travel is very expensive and there are only a few options that do this but the Peugeot Travellor converted by Brotherwood is one

WAV Conversion Type

Many conversions allow you to travel either between the rear seats or with one rear seat next to you. They are a much more affordable option than upfront and are very popular. Volkswagen Caddy, Ford Tourneo Connects, Peugeot Partners, Citroen Berlingo and Fiat Doblo are all available with this type of conversion.

Once you have decided what type of Wav you want, the best thing to do is come to Thorntrees Garage and try some out. Only by getting into the vehicles can you decide which is the most comfortable for you. At Thorntrees, we have a wide selection of different WAVs with different conversions - all in our large inside showroom so you can view them without getting wet. 

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