How Much Does It Cost To Make A Car Wheelchair Accessible?


How Much Does It Cost To Make A Car Wheelchair Accessible?

You can’t just make any car wheelchair accessible. You have to be able to have enough height for a wheelchair user in their chair to get inside with a space above. No one wants to travel in a car with their head jammed against the roof.

Wheelchair conversion process

Once you have a suitable car you need to cut out the floor and weld a new floor section in. This is the most expensive part of the conversion. How expensive depends on whether you do a small cut out at the back, a longer cut out which allows the passenger to sit between the two rear seats or a full length cut out that allows the wheelchair user to sit at the front next to the driver.

Once this is done, a ramp and tie down straps are fitted along with a seat belt for the wheelchair passenger. Then if you have removed the rear seats you may fit special small seats either side of the wheelchair to allow more passengers in the rear.

In addition the converters must pay for a sample of their vehicle to be tested to ensure it is safe on the road before they can sell any.

With all this work you can see why a good conversion can cost between £5000.00 and £10,000.00 with extras like automatic door and ramp opening pushing the cost up even higher.

A lot of work is put into making a car wheelchair accessible and it is all well woth it for the improved quality of life that it gives the wheelchair user.

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