Up Front Wheelchair Kia Sedona


Up Front Wheelchair Kia Sedona

Kia Sedona front access

When it comes to WAVs, many times, passengers who use wheelchairs are placed in the rear of the car. This is because it is easier to place the safety features and facilities for a wheelchair user when completing the conversion. However, It is great for wheelchair passengers to travel up front next to the driver, chat and enjoy the drive. There are not many wheelchair conversion companies that do this type of conversion, though. Up front, wheelchair cars cost much more to convert than regular wheelchair-accessible vehicles but provide the wheelchair user with a much better travelling experience.

High-Quality WAV Conversion

We currently have two upfront Kia Sedonas in stock, both converted by Brotherwood to a very high standard. The automatic Kia Sedona has done 50,000 miles and is priced at £21,000. The manual has done 63,000 miles and is priced at £17,495. All of the WAVs featured with us have completed a high-quality conversion, usually from one of the very best conversion companies in the country - Brotherwood. This is so that we can ensure the quality of the vehicle and the conversion when it leaves our forecourt.

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