Upfront Wheelchair Vehicles


For most people, a wheelchair car that allows the wheelchair user to travel between 2 back seats is perfectly adequate.

Front Seat Conversions

For those who would like the luxury of travelling upfront beside the driver, there are wheelchair cars available which allow this. It is ideal for couples who like to chat as they drive along.

The conversion is much more expensive than a rear travel wheelchair car. A larger floor cut out means it can cost over £10,00.00 on the new vehicle.

The price becomes more affordable on second hand WAVS. At Thorntrees Garage, we have a selection: Fiat MultiplasPeugeot Partners and Citroen Berlingos.

There are usually fewer extra seats in this type of conversion- Fiat Multiplas can have two folding rear seats, but most just have one rear passenger seat. This allows the wheelchair user to go through the back and reach the front.

If most of your journeys are just you and a driver, and you like to be in a comfortable position in the front, then this could be the conversion for you.


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