What Are The Benefits Of Buying A WAV From A Dealer Rather Than A Private Sale?


What Are The Benefits Of Buying A WAV From A Dealer Rather Than A Private Sale?

Buying a WAV for the first time can be a steep learning curve, and the unwary can end up with an unsuitable one that doesn't help.

The right WAV can be life-enhancing, so it is important to take time to find the best fit.

WAV Selection

A dealer will have a selection of different WAVs to look at and take for a test drive. The wheelchair user can sit in different conversions of the same car. They will be able to find the most comfortable fit for them and be able to check there is enough space around them and can see out of the windows.

They can see which seating configuration best suits their lifestyle. Then, along with the driver, they can go on a test drive. The driver can ensure they are happy, and the wheelchair user can check they don't feel car sick.

With a private sale, there may be more pressure for the sale or an uncomfortable situation explaining why you no longer like the WAV or the features it comes with, as it is their vehicle. With a WAV dealer, there is no uncomfortable situation. If you don't like a particular vehicle, we look at a different one that may suit your circumstances.

A dealer can also explain how the conversion works. They can show you how to use the belts and tie-downs so the wheelchair user can travel safely. They can also help with the teething troubles of settling into a WAV

For example, one of the most common problems is flattening the battery by leaving the electric belts on.

A dealer can help with this and is also on hand to repair the belts or ramp if needed during the lifetime of the wheelchair car.

So go on - use a dealer for peace of mind and friendly help if anything goes wrong.

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