What Size WAV Should You Buy?


There is a wide variety of wheelchair-accessible vehicles. Therefore, buying a vehicle the same size as your current vehicle can seem natural when you start thinking about purchasing your first WAV. Still, there are several factors to consider when looking for a larger (or smaller) WAV.

What Factors Influence The Size Of WAV You Need?

When purchasing a vehicle, you often consider the number of passengers and the necessary luggage space. However, your choice may also be influenced by a few minor considerations, such as the size of the car you feel most comfortable in. 

Here are some things to keep in mind when using a WAV:

The Number Of Passengers 

It would help if you considered how many passengers you carry. A WAV can accommodate multiple passengers and a person in a wheelchair. The number of seats in WAVs varies, unlike in a car. The wheelchair takes up room, so only so many seats are available. While larger WAVs can have five seats, and a "normal" sized WAV may only have three or four. 

Consider the number of passengers you frequently transport and the possibility of additional family members or friends when a few more seats would be useful. For example, a five-seat WAV might be bigger than a comparable five-seat vehicle. Alternatively, some WAVs have foldable seats that can be added if a wheelchair is not present.

Baggage Room 

Anyone transporting seven passengers in a seven-seat vehicle may be familiar with the problem of having no room left for bags. WAVs occasionally experience this. There might not be much space for luggage if you have a three-seat WAV with three passengers and a wheelchair user on board. 

There will be space for your daily shopping, but it's doubtful that there will be enough space for any holiday bags. Look at the available space and determine how much luggage space is available when searching for WAVs.

Wheelchair Size

The size of wheelchairs varies. This is especially true if you use an electric wheelchair, a sports wheelchair, or a wheelchair that is not standard in size. Therefore, even if you could be looking for a WAV with two or three seats, your wheelchair might not fit into a smaller vehicle. To accommodate it, you should look at larger vehicles.

Ramp Or Lift

Every vehicle supporting wheelchairs has a straightforward entrance for the wheelchair user. These include a lower ramp to make it easier for a wheelchair user to board. Alternately, some cars come equipped with a lift, often found on bigger cars, enabling effortless boarding. The motorised elevator is simple to operate and activated by pressing a button. 

In larger trucks, lifts are utilised because a ramp would be too steep to use due to the greater height of the vehicle. Lifts may be preferable for some electric wheelchairs that are challenging to board via a ramp. You will need to buy a larger car if you need a lift. A ramp requires less space than a lift.


WAVs are available in as many sizes as there are budgets. Generally speaking, a larger WAV will be more expensive than a smaller vehicle, assuming their age and mileage are the same. However, suppose you've determined that you need a larger WAV. In that case, you can stretch your budget by looking at cars that are a few years older, have a little bit higher mileage, and have lower specifications.

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The size of the vehicle you ultimately purchase will depend on you, probably based on a combination of the variables studied. Thorntree's Garage can assist you in locating the ideal vehicle for your requirements, whether by allowing you to browse WAV automobiles on our website or by setting up a test drive or demonstration. Contact us today! Our specialists are available to offer guidance and respond to your inquiries.

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