Why Do I Need a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle?


To ensure that your investment is worthwhile, we work hard to provide the best service we can. A wheelchair-accessible vehicle is a truly worthy investment. It has changed many people's lives by removing some of the daily difficulties they experience. The requirement for a vehicle that can accommodate wheelchairs is explained below. 

Increased Mobility

Vehicles that are wheelchair accessible are created with the user's needs in mind and are ergonomically engineered. Utilising adapted technologies offers wheelchair users the best alternatives, increasing mobility for the disabled and carers. Putting a wheelchair in the back of your car is a simple, fast, and secure way to get to your doctor's appointment or get to the shops for some basics, allowing for a more independent lifestyle.


The main goal of owning a wheelchair-accessible car is to provide users with the highest level of comfort. Everyone traveling, as a result, will experience less pain, less stress, and more enjoyment. 

Those with severe disabilities don't need to be moved from their wheelchair to a seat in a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. Instead, the disabled person and carer are saved from unnecessary suffering by simply securing a wheelchair inside the vehicle. 

Time Saver

It is far simpler to transfer a wheelchair user into a vehicle using a lift system or ramp than manually lifting both the wheelchair and its user into the vehicle. This takes far less effort and is hassle-free, but it saves significant time.


The flexibility provided by purchasing a wheelchair-accessible car is a significant advantage. Vehicles can be modified and customised to meet a person's needs, allowing them to transport additional wheelchairs, essential medical supplies, and other items. 


Excellent safety is provided for entering, traveling, and exiting wheelchair-accessible vehicles. The security to maximise safety is provided by lowered floors and various wheelchair restraint choices. 


A wheelchair-accessible car increases your mobility and gives users the flexibility to travel and visit various locations without stress or bother. In addition, it greatly simplifies travel for caretakers, allowing them to accompany their wheelchair user practically anywhere there is a road.


Although wheelchair-accessible vehicles are frequently slightly more expensive than standard cars, hire-purchase agreements are an option, as are government-sponsored finance programmes.


Numerous manufacturers, models, sizes, and forms of wheelchair-accessible vehicles exist. This may initially appear fairly daunting but have no fear—the more alternatives you have, the more we can help you find the ideal model. 

Please get in touch with us; our highly trained staff will be more than happy to assist you in finding the car that best meets your needs without pressuring you to buy.


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