Brotherwood Conversions

Here at Thorntrees Garage we only stock quality conversions such as Brotherwood, GM Coachwork & Allied. This ensures that the vehicles we stock are of the highest quality. So, that you will get the best vehicle possible.

Why Choose a Brotherwood Conversion

Brotherwood have been converting cars for wheelchair passengers since 1985. Cars converted by Brotherwood are designed to put the wheelchair user first. Putting them in their own class for comfort, visibility, inclusion, safety and ease of use.

Brotherwood conversions typically come with a flat, level lowered floor allowing the wheelchair user easy access, improved comfort & safety.

Here at Thorntrees Garage we have an excellent range of Brotherwood converted wheelchair accessible vehicles are designed to enhance your travelling experience. Click here to view our current stock of brotherwood conversions.

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