VW Caddy With Sirus Conversion

VW Caddy With Sirus Conversion

VW Caddy With Sirus Conversion

Thorntrees Garage has produced a little video demonstrating the VW Caddy WAV. This video is to show the conversion type and the effectiveness of this vehicle and conversion type for wheelchair users.

Images often don't show the true value of these vehicles, whereas with a video you can see the moving parts and have a demonstration of the type of space available without having to come to a showroom.

This is the first in a series of videos that Thorntrees Garage will be producing for our vehicles. Please get in touch if you have any questions or enquiries about this WAV or any other WAV we have in stock.

We have added a transcript of the video underneath if you want to watch without sound.

"This is a brotherwood Caddy converted by sirus so that the wheelchair user can drive from their wheelchair.

If we go round to the back you can see the wheelchair user will go up the ramp and into the vehicle and then their wheelchair will lock in place with the locking plate on the floor of the vehicle and then they can drive using the hand controls.

When they get to their destination the plate unlocks and then they come backwards out of the vehicle.  The key fob is pressed.  The ramp lifts up.  The tail gate comes down and the suspension lifts so that the car is ready to drive.

When the wheelchair user reaches their destination, they press the other button on the key fob.  The indicator light lights up to show that the vehicle is going to open.  The suspension lowers, the tail gate lifts up and the ramp comes down ready for the wheelchair user to enter and drive."

To see more details about this VolksWagon Caddy please take a look at the listing on our website.

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