VW Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

VW Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

VW Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

The VW transporter makes an excellent, versatile wheelchair vehicle, particularly the Caravelle range. There are various ways it can be converted:

There may be a ramp fitted at the back. This is the cheapest option.

There may be a lift fitted at the back. This means that the wheelchair passenger has to sit right at the back or that some of the seats must be removed to allow the wheelchair user to access the middle or front of the vehicle.

There may be a side lift (pictured) so that the wheelchair passenger can access the middle of the vehicle but all the remaining seats can be retained. The side lift will tuck away under the car when it is not in use.

In addition to the lift/ramp, 4 restraints are bolted to the vehicle to safely tie down the wheelchair during travel and a seat belt for the wheelchair passenger is provided.

In this way the wheelchair user can travel in the middle of the family with a comfortable centre of gravity and good views out of the windows to help with travel sickness.

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