What Is A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle?

What Is A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle?

What Is A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle?

A wheelchair accessible vehicle is a car, van or minibus that can be accessed by a person in their wheelchair and allows them to travel safely in their wheelchair.  They are ordinary vehicles that have been adapted in one of 2 ways to take the wheelchairs.

The first way is to lower the floor and fit a ramp at the rear as in the photo above.

Vehicles with a high enough internal height may simply have a lift fitted. The lift can be fitted at the side or the rear. They tend to be bigger, van type vehicles such as The VW Caravelle (underneath).


Small Wheelchair Cars

The majority of smaller wheelchair vehicles have the lowered floor and ramp conversion which costs up to £5000.00 to do on a new vehicle. Both conversions use 4 tie downs, bolted to the floor to hold the wheelchair safely in place during travel and provide a seatbelt for the wheelchair passenger, making it as safe to travel in a wheelchair as in a conventional passenger seat.

The best conversions allow the wheelchair passenger to travel on a flat surface with a good view out of the windows, reducing travel sickness. The wheelchair usually fits in the rear or middle of the vehicle but some more expensive conversions allow the wheelchair passenger to sit at the front next to the driver.

Drive From Wheelchair Conversions.

There are also drive from wheelchair conversions that allow the wheelchair user to press a switch to bolt their wheelchair in front of the controls and drive, using hand controls if needed. Thorntrees Garage currently has one in stock Volkswagen Caddy '2014

All sorts of extras such as automatic tail gates and automatic ramps can help access for the wheelchair users and their families.


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