Wheelchair Adapted Vehicles Yesterday And Today

Wheelchair Adapted Vehicles Yesterday And Today

Back in 2002, when we first came across wheelchair adapted vehicles they were like mini Pope Mobiles- very unsophisticated with a bumpy ride for wheelchair users who often had their head up in the roof with no view of outside – no wonder they often felt travel sick!

How things have changed. Now there are a variety of well converted wheelchair cars to choose from with comfortable rides for wheelchair passengers with good views out of the windows. The better conversions allow the wheelchair passenger to travel on a relatively flat surface, not perched on a slope. The wheelchair space is between the two rear seats or up front next to the driver – making it easy to chat to the driver and enjoy the ride out.
The wheelchair passenger travels in crash tested safety in a seat belt, with the wheelchair held firmly in place with 4 straps. Winches can be fitted to help pull manual chairs into the car and a wide variety of automatic, manual, petrol and diesel cars are converted so that the driver can choose a make they like see just a few examples below:

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