Wheelchair cars for sale

Wheelchair cars for sale

There are many places that you can find wheelchair cars for sale but at Thorntrees Garage you can have the comfort of knowing that you are dealing with a long established business that has a lot of experience of selling wheelchair accessible vehicles and prides itself on a high standard of customer service.

You have to please both the driver & wheelchair passenger

When you buy a wheelchair passenger car you have 2 people to please, The driver and the wheelchair passenger. The driver may prefer automatic or manual. He/she may prefer petrol or diesel. Some drivers also may prefer to drive a particular make. That’s why at Thorntrees we have a wide range of automatic ,manual ,petrol and diesel wheelchair cars for sale in a variety of makes- Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Kia, Ford, Volkswagen and Fiat.

The wheelchair usee needs a good quality conversion

The wheelchair passenger needs a good quality conversion with a good sized, preferably level cut out floor to make his/her journey more comfortable and good visibility out of the windows. Thorntrees Garage offers well converted wheelchair cars for sale.

You are welcome to visit Thorntrees Garage any time to look at what is available and chat to our staff while you work out which vehicle would suit you best. There is no pressure to buy and we will bring the wheelchair accessible vehicle you choose out to your home if you are in our area to check that it fits all your needs.

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